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eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Vintage Levi's Cowboy/Western Sta-Prest Shirt

Private Stock

Cowboy/Western Sta-Prest Shirt

Circa. 1950's or 60's?
In excellent condition
Size 15/35 = M

(Mother of) Pearl snap button by "Dot Snappers"
Comes with chest/front button cover and the color of this shirt is pink!
The fading is seems minimal considering the age of this stylish shirt

A rare item! Not everyday you'll find this kind of cowboy/western shirt
Made in USA, as worn by Lone Ranger! hahahaha

eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Ralph Lauren - RL Polo Limited Edition Leather Belt

Private Stock

Limited Edition Leather Belt

Buckle measurement of (H) 63mm X (W) 86mm and 2mm thick, made from steel plate

Engraved fighting bull and "R.L. LIC. 534629" at front and "Ralph Lauren/POLO 2007" engraved at the back

Original black leather almost 5mm thick (tebal beb!)

Retail price US$800 and sold only at selected Ralph Lauren/RRL boutique

Memang cun! Ni pun tarak lawan punyaaa... hahahaha

eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Vintage Levi's Belt Buckle

Private Stock

(Waist button) Belt Buckle

One of my greatest find.. absolute vintage Levi's leather belt with brass made buckle
Buckle size is 3mm thick and 65mm diameter
Levi's Strauss & Co. and a reverse no. "1" mark engraved at the back

Original leather tali pinggang ni kaler natural leather and size small, stamped with 501.
Aku ganti dgn leather belt Levi's jugak.. size 38" i.e. size aku lah.. full of studs/rivets and holes..

Memang cun! Tarak lawan punyaaa... hahahaha

Friday, January 30, 2009

For Sale/eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Little LVC Jeans #02

Private Stock

Girls Jeans (anak aku tak pakai la sebab lelaki.. heheh..)

Size 2 years
New with tag

Bukan big E, red tab pun takdak and non-selvage denim.. tapi cantik la!
It's a reproduction of vintage style with various kind of buttons.. ada plastic with anchor engraved, 2 white button and 2 copper button with Levi's Strauss & Co. wording..

Factory finished distressed and worn effect
Retail price is US$130

Made In USA, of course

I can consider this FOR SALE, if interested, call/text/email aku.. Syah +60.17.473.2526

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Entry No. 04 - Taylor Togs.. who? what?

Taylor Togs.. USA Levi's jeans producer/manufacturer

Ini sedikit info mengenai kilang Levi's di U.S., i.e. other than Valencia Street. Kilang ni located in Alexander County, State of North Carolina, USA.. and these info is copied from (thanks for this very informative literature..). So, kalau waist button or inside label ada #643, meaning your pair of jeans, datang dari kilang ni lah.. hehehe..

The 33,000 people in Alexander County put their pants on just like everybody else does. The only difference is they have millions of pairs of pants.

Thanks to a homegrown company, Taylor Togs, the county seat of Taylorsville is the site of the Levi Strauss Company’s largest domestic producer of jeans. In a year’s time, some 1.5 million pairs of jeans pass through one of the world’s most modern jeans finishing plants on their way to retail outlets across the nation and the world.

Incorporated in 1971, Taylor Togs began producing jeans in an old schoolhouse, and their first production line included about 20 people who produced jeans under the “Anvil” brand as well as the Taylor Togs line of jeans. In the past 31 years, owner Grier Lackey, a self-professed “country boy,” has watched the company grow to three facilities with some 400 employees.

Taylor Togs also has production facilities in the North Carolina towns of Micaville and Bakersville. The Taylorsville facility operates under the name Apparel Technologies and is the finishing plant where jeans make their final production stop. Here, jeans are washed and given that all-important worn look, which today’s fashion demands.

In addition to Levi Strauss, the company has produced jeans for Wrangler, Calvin Klein, Vanity Fair, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bob Timberlake, and a long list of other clothing companies. A current line of Levi “Vintage” jeans are produced with a serial number for each pair, and because only 500 pairs are made in two styles, the jeans sell in high fashion stores for between $2,000 and $4,000 a pair. Not bad for a “country boy.”

While it’s impressive that a small company in a small town has grown to see revenues of around $15 million per year, it’s even more impressive that the company is still going strong in an area where apparel manufacturing has largely moved offshore, taking thousands of jobs along for the ride.

“We’ve been very fortunate,” Lackey said as we talked one Saturday morning in his Taylorsville facility. “We have continued to be innovative, and we are the last of a dying breed of U.S.-based clothing manufacturers. We have survived by having the flexibility to take on specialty products, by being able to quickly fill in the gap when there’s a shortage of a product on the retail shelves, and by specializing in style and fashion. Bulk manufacturing is less expensive out of the country, but they can’t offer the service that we can.”

A large part of the special service that Lackey beams about is the finishing plant in Taylorsville, which may be the most modern such facility in the country and possibly the world. Its creation was assisted by the cooperative Crescent Electric Membership Corporation, now known as EnergyUnited since its merger with Davidson Electric Membership Corporation in 1998. In 1996, Crescent Electric applied for and received a $325,000 no-interest loan from the Rural Business and Cooperative Development Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That loan for Apparel Technologies was combined with a $75,000 no-interest loan from the electric cooperative itself. Lackey says that loan was an important key in planning the facility.

“We were planning a $2 million facility and were looking for funding,” he noted. “That loan helped us build a bigger, more modern facility that provided more jobs than we would have been able to without the loan. The loan was very important to the company and to the town because the additional jobs we created helped the town receive a grant to upgrade the sewer system. The upgraded sewer system allowed the town to accept more business, which added more jobs for residents of the town and county. So, the loan really created a positive cycle.”

The finishing facility is the crown jewel in the company’s production process. In today’s world, a pair of jeans is not a pair of jeans until it has that pre-washed feel and look. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds and, in fact, Lackey refers to the process as “artistic.”

“People don’t want the rigid jeans that we produced in 1971,” he said with a smile. “They want jeans that look like they’re about worn out.”

That worn look doesn’t come by accident. The process to produce wear patterns on jeans is a science, and the Apparel Technologies plant includes a laboratory for testing the effects of the many chemicals used on the fabrics. Jeans are placed in giant washing machines, 200 pairs at a time, in a “recipe” of chemicals and rocks, which soften the materials and give them a “used” look.

“We consider laundry as an art,” Lackey said seriously as he leaned against one of the behemoth machines. “If you’re not careful, jeans can go in, but rags come out.”

Wear patterns are very specific and to get the desired results, sandblasting and hand sanding has been an industry-wide process.

In the Taylorsville finishing plant, sandblasting and hand sanding have given way to high-tech lasers of the same variety a physician might use to zap a cancer cell.

In March of this year, Apparel Technologies installed two prototype laser machines, which have a cost of $1 million each. The lasers are produced by a company called Technoblast of Cleveland, Ohio. Lackey’s company is operating the lasers on a royalty basis and is helping to work the bugs out of the new system. Eating about $1,500 in electric costs each month, the lasers make up for that expense in speed and versatility.

“These are the only two machines of this kind in the world,” Lackey said. “The lasers will set new standards with the designs that can be created. We can do in 28 seconds what it takes several minutes to do with sand blasting and hand sanding. When you’re talking about 1.5 million pairs of jeans, that’s a lot of time saved, not to mention a more stylish design. The lasers are used to “antique” the fabric or give the jeans a moth-eaten look. There’s no limit to the designs that can be created using the lasers. This is the most innovative, modern finishing facility in the country and maybe the world.”

Technology is not confined to the Taylorsville facility. Sewing jeans is not like your mother used to do. The production facilities in Micaville and Bakersville are equipped with automated, computer-driven sewing machines programmed by computer experts. However, even with the most modern and unique equipment, Lackey stresses his company isn’t successful simply because of technology.

“We made an investment with EnergyUnited in the facility, but the investment in our employees has allowed us to find our niche,” Lackey said. “The labor force and our management is the key. The people in Alexander, Mitchell and Yancey counties have a great deal of craftsmanship, and have been able to adapt with us. You have to have talented, cooperative people to survive. We’ve been able to offer a reasonable income to employees, and it’s income that people have been able to count on for 30 years.”

EnergyUnited’s Chief Executive Officer R.B. Sloan Jr. noted that the partnership with Taylor Togs is an example of EnergyUnited’s commitment to the community.

“EnergyUnited has a long history of being involved in the communities it serves,” Sloan said. “Assisting Taylor Togs with grant funding and providing a no-interest loan serves as an example of our desire to see communities progress in ways that are beneficial and meaningful to the people who live there. EnergyUnited wants to offer the services that people need, such as electric service, propane service, phone service, Internet service, and many others. However, at the same time, we want to offer services that improve lives, such as the Bright Ideas grant program to benefit students, and the EnergyUnited Foundation that has given more than $1 million to those in need. We are involved in education and safety programs, as well as economic stimulus activities. Our focus will continue to be on the communities and the people that we serve.”

While Taylor Togs has survived for 30 years through a combination of creative financing, careful planning, luck and dedication on the part of management and employees, there is also a basic philosophy which is the cornerstone for Lackey’s success: Believe in what you do and work hard at enjoying your work. Putting in 15-hour days, Lackey says he himself is almost always working.

“Years ago, when I quit a job as manager of a furniture manufacturing company, my Dad said I was crazy,” Lackey recalled with a smile. “I didn’t argue with him, because I thought he might be right. You have to make yourself available for opportunities, and sometimes, things fall into place. I don’t consider anything I do as work. Work is life on a tobacco farm – what I do is fun.”

(David Icenhour is a native of Alexander County and writes freelance during his spare time.)

PIC01/02 Taylor Togs owner Grier Lackey displays jeans material with intricate designs etched by a laser machine. Laser designs are virtually unlimited.

PIC03 Nick Dula uses a computer screen to enter commands for one of Taylor Tog's $1 million laser machines.

PIC04 Taylor Togs employee David Farthing uses an air-driven tool to fray the edges of jean pockets for that worn-out look.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

For Sale - LVC Gig/Concert Tees


LVC Vintage Style Tees
Gig/Concert Tee

The 501 Club
Presents A Local Act Special Event
Plus Special Guest
Sun. Sept. 9 4 Bucks

Black tee with white contrast stitching
Mint condition
Size XL
Made In Portugal

Price is RM130 (neg.) termasuk postage to anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia

Kall/SMS/E-mail kalau berminat..

Syah +60.17.473.2526

eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Little LVC Trucker Jacket 3 Yrs

Private Stock

Trucker Jacket

Size 3 years
New with tag (anak aku pakai la jugak sekali dua.. tag ada simpan lagi!)

Big E,red tab and selvage kat dalam
R stamp on each button
Pleated with two flap pocket at front
Adjustable button at the back
Factory finished honeycomb/distressed and worn effect

Made in U.S.A., of course

Friday, January 23, 2009

eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Little LVC Handkerchief

Private Stock

Handkerchief - History of Levi's to America

New unused, retail price US$25
Made In USA

An absolute collector's item!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zionisma dan Nilai Melayu.. dari

Satu tulisan dan pandangan yang boleh sama sama kita fikirkan.. di petik dari blog TukarTiub


Bila saya menulis ini Kuala Terengganu telah jatuh ke tangan Pakatan Rakyat. Ketika saya menulis ini warga Palestine di Gaza masih lagi di guddam. Ketika saya menulis ini masih ramai lagi warga di negara kita ini kurang faham tentang apakah itu Zionisma.

Zionisma ini adalah satu pandangan politik. Zionisma bukan Orang Yahudi tetapi pengasas Zionisma memang orang Yahudi. Hari ini Zionisma bukan lagi milik eklusif orang Yahudi. Zionisma yang wujud dan sedang mengoddam rakyat Palestine ini, majoritinya didukong hebat oleh individu dan kumpulan yang bukan Yahudi.

Agama orang Yahudi ialah Judaism. Kitab suci agama ini adalah Torah. Rumah sembahyang penganut agama ini dipanggil synagogue. Kepala agama mereka di panggil rabbai. Ini mungkin semua telah diketahui umum.

Wajib juga di ketahui bahawa ramai orang Yahudi sendiri yang menentang Zionisma. Di Isreal sendiri ada kumpulan penganut agama Judaisma yang menentang keras fahaman Zionisma. Mereka menolak masuknya fahaman Zionisma ini ke Palestinee. Untuk kumpulan ini mereka percaya bahawa fahaman atau idealoji Zionisma ini telah membawa porak peranda dan kesengsaraan terhadap orang-orang Yahudi di seluruh dunia dan juga kesengsaraan yang tidak terhingga kepada warga Palestine.

Kumpulan ini bernama Neturei Karta – mereka ini pada tahun 2006 telah datang ke Iran atas jemputan Ahmadinejad Presiden Iran. Neturei Karta bersama rakyat dunia telah mengutuk negara yang dipanggil Israel. Neturei Karta adalah kumpulan Yahudi yang menyokong perjuangan adil rakyat Palestine. Mereka juga menentang Zionisma bermatian-matian.

Ini adalah satu bukti bahawa Zionisma bukan ajaran agama Judaism. Zionisma adalah falsafah yang menggunakan agama sebagai jubah untuk mengabui mata penganut agama Judaism.

Ramai pemikir dan intelektual Yahudi yang unggul dalam ilmu pengetahuan dan falsafah juga menentang fahaman Zionisma. Noam Chomsky adalah salah seorang darinya. Susuk intelektual ini adalah suara Yahudi yang paling lantang menentang keganasan Israel. Albert Einstein ahli sains yang menemui teori e=mc2 adalah seorang Yahudi yang anti-Zionis.

Di Israel sendiri ramai orang Yahudi-Israel yang menentang fahaman Zionis. Mordechai Vanunu adalah contoh terbaik warga Isreal yang menentang Zionis. Susuk ini telah membocorkan kepada dunia tentang senjata nukler Israel yang kini tersimpan secara rashia di padang pasir Negev. Vanunu diperangkap dan culik dari London untuk di bawa pulang ke Israel.

Kerana membocorkan rashia ‘bom nukelar’ Israel dan memberi amaran kepada dunia tentang bahayanya Zionisma - Vanunu telah dipenjara selama 20 tahun semenjak tahun 1986. Selama 18 tahun Vanunu telah kurung bersendirian. Bila dibebaskan, Vanunu terus ditahan lagi. Hingga ke hari ini Vanunu tidak boleh keluar meninggalkan Israel.

Pada ketika saya menulis ini berpuluh-puluh anak muda Israel yang sedang di penjara kerana tidak mahu mengangkat senjata membunuh warga Arab Palestine. Juga terdapat beratus-ratus anak muda dan warga Israel telah lari meninggalkan Israel kerana menentang perang dan keganasan daulah Israel.

Semua ini adalah bukti bahawa bukan semua Yahudi Zionis. Bukan semua Yahudi menyokong Israel.

Saya mengulangi ini kerana saya perhatikan terlalu ramai warga di Malaysia ini menganggap konflik Palestinee/Israel ialah konflik agama. Terutama dikalangan orang Melayu. Ini satu pandangan yang salah. Konflik di Palestine bukan konflik agama. Konflik di Palestine ialah konflik hak milik bumi tanah Palestine. Konflik ini lahir kerana bumi tanah Palestine telah di rampas oleh penganut fahaman Zionis untuk mendirikan apa yang di panggil Israel.

Konflik di Gaza, Tebing Barat, Jenin, Hebron – konflik Arab/Israel – bukan konflik diantara penganut agama Islam dengan penganut agama Yahudi.

Wajib di ketahui ada hampir 10% warga Palestine beragama Kristian. Hanan Ashrawi perempuan yang pada tahun 1980'an dahulu sering kita dengar namanya kerana memulakan rundingan damai Palestine/Israel ialah seorang Kristian. Arwah Edward Said intelektual pemikir bertaraf dunia itu adalah seorang Kristian. Arwah George Habaash pemimpin Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine beragama Kristian. Kristian di Palestine adalah Kristian yang berasal usul dari susur galur pengikut Nabi Isa. Ini kerana Nabi Isa dilahirkan di Nazareth – di Palestine.

Betul agama dilihat memainkan peranan penting tetapi yang di perjuangkan ialah menuntut kembali bumi Palestine yang telah dirompak dan di rampas oleh penganut fahaman Zionisma. Tanah air Palestine yang telah di rampas ini telah melahirkan nasionalisma Palestine. Semangat nasionalisma Palestine inilah yang membolehkan rakyat Palestine terus berjuang bermati-matian menentang bala tentera yang terbesar di Timur Tengah.

Kita wajib memahami dengan lebih dalam tentang apa itu Zionisma. Fahaman ini percaya kepada satu bangsa – bangsa Yahudi. Hanya bangsa Yahudi sahaja yang terpilih. Yahudi sahaja yang ada hak keistemewaan di Israel. Bangsa-bangsa lain diangggap bangsa kelas kedua. Agama orang lain salah. Kitab suci agama mereka sahaja yang betul. Kitab suci agama lain di anggap menyeleweng. Hanya agama mereka sahaja yang dipilih oleh Yang Maha Esa. Justeru di sini jelas bahawa Zionisma ialah satu fahaman rasis.

Apa yang kita lihat di Gaza dan Tebing Barat hari ini adalah manifestasi dari fahaman ini. Keganasan yang wujud di bumi Palestine adalah hasil dari falsafah rasis Zionisma. Merompak tanah-tanah warga Palestine, menghalau orang Palestine keluar dari tanah air mereka adalah juga manifestasi dari fahaman rasis Zionisma.

Kita dikatakan hanya dapat memberikan bantuan ubatan-ubatan, wang ringgit, makanan atau menerima warga Palestine datang ke negara kita untuk belajar atau menetap. Semua ini betul. Semua ini amat-amat dihargai. Semua ini adalah kerja baik yang wajib di teruskan. Tetapi saya menolak pandangan yang mengatakan bahawa kita tidak dapat membuat apa-apa lagi untuk menyokong perjuangan rakyat Palestine. Pasti ada lebih dari ini yang dapat kita sama-sama lakukan.

Pada hari ini bukan susah untuk kita memahami bahawa pendukung unggul fahaman Zionisma dan Israel ialah Amerika Syarikat. Ini bukan kerana adanya Yahudi di New York atau di California. Zionisma wujud kukuh di Amerika kerana kepentingan ekonomi Amerika pada ketika ini berjalan selari dengan kepentingan fahaman Zionisma dan Israel.

Bukan sahaja Zionis Israel mendapat sokongan kuat dari Amerika malah – Kesatuan Eropah – Peranchis, German, Itali – semuanya menyokong Israel. Ini bukan kerana mereka cintakan Yahudi atau benci kepada Palestine – TIDAK. Mereka menyokong Israel kerana kepentingan ekonomi mereka.

Ekonomilah yang menjadi asas kepada fahaman Zionisma ini. Pemodal–pemodal global melihat bahawa Zionisma dapat membantu mereka meneruskan dan mengembangkan modal mereka. Kaum pemodal antarabangsa melihat fahaman Zionisma ini sedang memberikan keuntungan melimpah ruah.

Industri persenjataan dunia bergantung kepada perang. Dengan wujudnya perang atau konflik yang berkemungkinan membawa perang adalah cuaca dan suasana yang amat baik untuk pembuat dan peniaga senjata antarabangsa. Israel yang sedang memporak perandakan Timur Tengah adalah pemangkin perang.

Lihat bagaimana Amerika menjual dan membekal senjata kepada Isreal. Ini menakut-nakutkan negara-negara Arab. Suasana takut ini memberi peluang kepada Amerika untuk menjual senjata kepada Mesir, Jordan dan Saudi Arabia. Negara-negara ini tidak ada bezanya dengan Zionis Israel. Mereka tidak berani secara terbuka menyatakan sokongan kepada Israel – takut kepada rakyat mereka sendiri. Tetapi perangai dan tingkah laku terhadap warga mereka tidak jauh berbeza dari apa yang sedang dilakukan oleh Israel terhadap warga Palestine.

Bila telah memahami semua ini saya rasa kita akan dapat melakuan lebih dari apa yang sedang kita lakukan hari ini. Ada satu pekara yang dapat kita lakukan bersama yang pasti akan memberikan tamparan maut kepada fahaman Zionisma. Pekara ini ialah menentang sifat dan fahaman Zionisma di mana sahaja ianya berada.

Zionisma pada ketika ini bukan lagi bergerak di Israel atau di Palestine sahaja. Zionisma telah menjadi fahaman yang meluas dan telah melintasi sempadan Israel. Jika sesiapa memiliki ciri-ciri fahaman rasis yang telah saya nyatakan tadi bermakna mereka juga adalah pendukung fahaman Zionis. Zionisma ialah kezaliman.

Disini ingin saya nyatakan bahawa kita tidak perlu ke Palestine untuk menentang kezaliman. Apa yang perlu kita lakukan ialah menentang kezaliman dan kejahatan dimana sahaja ianya berada termasuk dalam negara kita sendiri. Zionisma tidak memiliki sempadan.

Tetapi, saya agak kecewa apabila melihat orang Melayu berlumba-lumba bangun menentang Isreal yang zalim. Mereka bertempik marah apabila rumah di runtuhkan di Hebron. Tetapi mereka tidak bersuara apabila rumah di runtuhkan di Kampong Berembang atau di Plentong atau di Chu Badak. Orang Melayu marah apabila Masjid di roboh di Jenin tetapi orang Melayu tidak marah apabila melihat gereja Orang Asal diruntuhkan di Gua Musang.

Orang Melayu keluar berdemo kerana tanah rakyat Palestine di rampas tetapi mereka tidak pula bersuara apabila tanah-tanah Orang Penan di rampas. Atau tanah adat di Serawak satu demi satu dirampas oleh pemodal antarabangsa.

Hairan. Dimana silapnya fikrah Melayu ini ? Kenapa bangsa Melayu memiliki nilai yang setengah jalan. Dimana akal fikrah mereka terputus. Kalau di Palestine mereka yakin rakyat Palestine sedang di zalami. Kenapa apabila orang Penan dizalimi hati mereka tidak tergerak untuk membantu. Apakah mereka tidak memahami bahawa zalim dan kejahatan itu tidak berbangsa dan tidak beragama. Kebaikan dan keadilan juga tidak berbangsa dan beragama.

Orang Melayu tidak dapat menerima Ketuanan Yahudi tetapi bagaimana orang Melayu yang sama dapat pula menerima Ketuanan Melayu. Dimana songsangnya fikrah Melayu ini. Apakah mereka telah terputus nilai kemanusiaannya?

Justeru sesudah membaca tulisan ini marilah kita bersama-sama meneliti dan menilai kembali nilai Melayu kita. Apakah kita benar-benar faham tentang kezaliman dan keadilan. Atau kita hanya menjadi Pak Turut – berGaza ke hulu berGaza kehilir. Orang bercakap hal Gaza kita bercakap hal Gaza tanpa kita melihat ke dalam hati nurani kita sendiri. (TT)

Rayuan Gaza..

Salam to all!

Penghuni Gaza kini diselubungi kepayahan dan keperitan angkara Zionis.
Kewajipan untuk kita menghulurkan bantuan untuk rakyat Palestin di Gaza.

Hulurkan Bantuan anda ke Tabung Kemanusiaan Harakah, 14069010021298 BIMB atau mana2 NGO yang berusaha untuk menyalurkan sumbangan ke Gaza

Hulurkan sumbangan anda.. dalam masa kita bersenang senang jauh dari saudara kita, ingat lah keperihan mereka..

Semoga Allah s.w.t. melindungi saudara seAgama kita di Palestin/Gaza amnya dan seluruh dunia.. umumnya..

Music Video - Seether "fine again"

Music video of the day..
Enjoy Seether "fine again"

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eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Wrangler Toddler/Youth Jeans

Private Stock


Toddler jeans, age 5
Tag denotes 13MWZJP
Scovill button and YKK zipper
Rivets at front and back pocket

Non-selvage, plastic-like Wrangler patches at back pocket

Made in Mexico of U.S. fabrics

For Sale - Ralph Lauren - RL Polo Big Pony - Flag (ENGLAND)


Ralph Lauren Polo
Big Pony Flag collections - England

Size XL, custom fit (will fit regular L)
This polo shirt is in Navy Blue

New unworn, without tag

Retail price is RM610 at RL Boutique KLCC/Pavillion/OneUtama

Price is RM180 (neg.) termasuk postage to anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia

Kall/SMS/E-mail kalau berminat..

Syah +60.17.473.2526

[SOLD] RL Polo Big Pony - Flag (ITALY)


Ralph Lauren Polo
Big Pony Flag collections - Italy

Size XL, custom fit (will fit regular L)
This polo shirt is in Azzurri (light blue)

New unworn, without tag

Retail price is RM610 at RL Boutique KLCC/Pavillion/OneUtama

Price is RM180 (neg.) termasuk postage to anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia

Kall/SMS/E-mail kalau berminat..

Syah +60.17.473.2526

eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Rugby by Ralph Lauren T-shirt

Private Stock

Short sleeves t-shirt

100% soft cotton
Size L, Made In China

RL Rugby skull crest printed in front
Lot no. at shirt hem

The shirt is faded navy

eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Rugby by Ralph Lauren - Jersey #02

Private Stock

Short sleeves rugby jersey

100% thick (rugby cloth) cotton
Size L, Made In China

Gold skull embossed on left chest and oo. 4 painted at the back
The jersey is green with unfinished sleeves

Fabulous rugby jersey!

eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - Rugby by Ralph Lauren - Jersey #01

Private Stock

Short sleeves rugby jersey

100% thick (rugby cloth) cotton
Size L, Made In China

No. 4 patch and skull crest on right and left chest
Factory finished torn at sleeve and shirt hem
Green with tiny yellow stripes

Gorgeous and bright rugby jersey!