Wednesday, January 14, 2009

eRELICa DENIM Private Stock - GAP Jeans 1969 Straight Fit

Private Stock

GAP 1969
Distressed Straight Fit Button-fly Selvage Jeans

So, the details as follows:
Size W36 L34
Actual W37 L34

Factory finished distressed
Selvage at inner seam and coin pocket
Copper button fly
GAP 1969 engrave/stamp on button and rivets inside out
Leather patch 1969 at the back
Cutting style: original Levi's 501

Made in Italy

Bought new, rarely used sebab sayang.. heheheh.. jarang jumpa jeans ni kalau in brand new condition.. but mostly found kat bundle size kecik i.e. W29 - W31.. so, ni kira a marvelous finds lah ni..

Aku ada few more of these (sebab aku mcm minat pulak kat GAP 1969 ni..) tapi yang lain2 tu deep indigo blue. 1 pair new unworn and 2 more are in good used condition.

Will upload some pictures and details for sale..

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