Thursday, February 19, 2009

Want To Trade - Sony PSP Slim 2000 and above


Sony PSP Slim Lite 2000 (and above)

Geng.. aku nk PSP Slim Lite.

If anyone willing to trade in with one of my For Sale item (you are freely to choose), and/or he/she/myself tambah duit sikit pun bleh.. no hal.. bleh discuss.

Item shall include other standard accessories and attachments i.e. battery, battery charger, memory card, casing, etc.

Condition, mesti in working order lah.. mesti buleh main.. Any color will do.

Let me know. Anak aku berhari hari dok tuntut kat aku.. 'nak PSP! nak PSP!'..

Kall/SMS/E-mail Syah +60.17.473.2526


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