Sunday, April 19, 2009

Entry about nothing #12 - Deadstock & 50/50 Galore~

Salam (greeting) to ALL!

If you're reading this entry, thanks for your kind and frequent visit to this blog.

I have listed in the past few weeks, a handful item from my precious collection for sale (under Vault Sale label).. item listed are genuinely original issue merchandise/concert t's from some of my/your all-time favorite band. Banyak yang DEADSTOCK as I couldn't find the right time and places to wear them. Some of it's material are made from 50% Polyester + 50% cotton blend and in normal 100% (pre-shrunk or combed) cotton.

A true and genuine vintage collector mesti PANDAI or TAHU appreciate benda yang rare and hard-to-find macam ni..

Any question, doubt or concern, buleh contact aku: (e-mail/Google Talk) (e-mail/Yahoo! Messenger)
syzamanta (Skype)
Syah +60.17.473.2526 (call/text)

Again, THANK>YOU> and enjoy eRELICa>DENIM>

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