Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Entry about nothing #09 - the VAULT SALE!

Salam/greeting to all

I am, as for now.. will clearing some of my precious collection.
It is the stuff coming from 'the Vault' is now up for SALE

To view the listing of items, boleh click sini or link below: Sale Sale Sale

From time to time, more item will be uploaded i.e. kesemua benda yang ada dalam lemari/gudang kecik/peti besi aku tu.. excluding underwear and stockin aku la..

So, sapa2 yg berminat, buleh contact aku, as usual.. I'll try my best to return/reply your call/text messages even kul 2 pagi.. (ada gak ooo yg dok tanya macam2 time ni.. heheh.. anyway, thanks sbb korang contact aku..)

thank you~!

Any question/soklan.. keluhan atau saranan, boleh di'aju'kan ke:
Syah +60.17.473.2526 call/sms

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