Friday, May 8, 2009

Entry about nothing #13 - Why XL?


Huh.. bila aku tengok/check balik, most of my t's are in XL size.

Why? Awat?

Hmm.. padahal badan aku la ni is much bigger (read: kembang) compare to those years.. Maybe dulu grungy style is the hype and wearing loose/oversize t's is supa-kool..

Nowadays, ramai pulak yg dok pakai baju sempit.. klu kurus OK lah.. kalau macam aku? Aku tengok diri seniri depan cermin pun tak lalu.. hahahahaha

So, being a tough guy (read: gemok sikittt), I will just select a few for my own use and collection. The rest will up for you out there to grab. Aku akan post few more for sale and some, are coming from my vault (your favourite).

p/s: photo of a tough kid, with face of ultraman look-a-like

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