Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Entry about nothing #14 - eRELICa DENIM - Inventory Summary

Inventory Summary

Salam/greeting to All

Ok, geng..some of you maybe baru jumpa blog aku ni.. please make your browsing experience worthwhile by going through the entire post from the start i.e. korang boleh browse posting2 aku yg lama dari mula..

Kat bawah page (every page), ada link "Older Post", so keep clicking that sampai abis then baru korang buleh tengok semua item yang aku nak jual dan personal collection aku.

Tapi untuk memudahkan korang yang rajin visit blog aku ni, herewith are the linked summary for Concert/Music/Band T-shirt only:

FOR SALE Item (except where tagged as SOLD Item)
VAULT SALE Item (except where tagged as SOLD Item)
Most of these item are New Unworn/Deadstock and made from 50/50 poly/cotton blend material
Aku rasa, that about all dah kot.. so, keep coming and enjoy your browsing and don't forget to bookmark blog aku ni or subscribe to RSS Feed for quick updates!

As always, kall/text/e-mail kalau berminat..
Syah +60.17.473.2526 erelicadenim@gmail.com

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