Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For Sale - Paul Smith - Dress shirt (french cuff)


Dress shirt - french cuff

Material: 100% silky cotton
Condition: New unworn tapi dah basuh 1 time (mmg habit aku, baju baru beli aku akan basuh dulu sebelum pakai..) to wash off any stiffness and any sharp 'brand new' smells
Color: Purple, with Paul Smith signature colorful stripes at cuff.. cun beb!
Style: Classic fit, spread (English) collar, french cuff and Paul Smith signature on left front pocket
Label: Paul Smith London
Size: 15.5 neck, 33/34 sleeves -- equal to M lah senang cakap..

Sebab nak jual: salah beli size.. DAMN!
Please note: got 1 flaw, the silk knot/monkey's fist that cheap cufflink is missing.. tatau mana maid aku letak.. pundek betoi!.. anyway.. interested buyer at least must have a better looking/design cufflink lah.. other that missing the silk knot, this shirt is as good as new!

Price: RM125 + postage

Kall/text/e-mail aku if interested
Syah +60.17.473.2526 erelicadenim@gmail.com

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