Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Entry about nothing #18 - More buying, more to life..

Salam/greeting to all...

Sigh.. life is really getting on to me.. Busy betolll.. with work, family.. anak2 demam lah.. wife is frequently on-kall lah..

Aku pun dh few times been skipping to meet my new friends for the last couple of weeks.. so sorry geng.. (vintage collectors they are.. and guys.. you know who you're are.. great stuff there!)

This month, aku banyak membeli.. thanks to other bloggers.. and less item sold since byk aku 'tarik balik' due to it's rarities and their tendency of being scarce (to find 'em again) nowadays.. out of the vault, and back! Will save 'em for later.. in-case anak2 pun turn rocker/collector mcm aku.. he heh..

But.. I'll keep on posting some or more of my precious item to share with you all.. and once all item were posted, aku might abandon this blog as it is with no updates unless ada new stuff for sale.. but I will regularly check this blog as I will read and reply any messages left in my shoutbox.

Other means of communication i.e. mobile phone for voice/text (+60.17.473.2526), YM! (syzamanta@yahoo.com), GTalk (erelicadenim@gmail.com), skype (syzamanta), e-mail (erelicadenim@gmail) are always enable to all visitors. So.. keep in touch guys and thanks for your frequent visits. Cheers!

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