Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Entry about nothing #05

Salam/Greeting to All

Thank you for your kind support sebab luang masa untuk visit blog aku ni.. just a reminder, ada lagi item yang available for sale.. t's, jeans and others..

Untuk new visitors yang belom familiar dgn blog layout aku ni, to ease your browsing experience, aku letak short-cut sini so korang buleh browse each label on previous posted item..

1) For Sale Item - ini link untuk item for sale.. just click jer.. and off you go!
2) Private Stock - ini untuk kollection aku.. at the moment, not for sale lah..

And kat bawah kanan on each page ada link to Older Post, please click so you may still continue browsing to my previous post/entry.

Kall/SMS/E-mail kalau berminat..
Syah +60.17.473.2526


Again, thanks for your visit.. belakang aku dah naik lenguh2 since aku start blog ni..

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